Sightseeing Charters

Good times and relaxation

Explore the best of the Coromandel from the water

Relax and take in the sights

Relax, swim, take photos, enjoy the sights ...with your friends

Why not get a group of friends or family together and just chill out on the water!

Our sightseeing charters are the ideal way to watch the sunrise over the Coromandel Peninsula. Perhaps it's an evening cruise whilst sipping on your favourite beer, wine or champagne.

Our Skipper will take you for a tour around the offshore islands and show you some of the Coromandel's many secluded island hideaways. You can jump in a kayak with and go for your own private tour. Take your special person in the kayak and enjoy the moment together

Spend a few hours, half a day or all day checking out one of the most beautiful coasts in New Zealand. Our skipper and crew have grown up around this area and we know it all like the back of our hand ... and we're keen to show it to you.

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