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Live your fishing dream with a fishing charter aboard Affinity. Our Skipper knows the perfect spots to go where you are sure to get the best catch. Affinity provides the perfect relaxed environment for a great fishing adventure.

Snapper fishing around The Coromandel doesn’t get any better than time onboard Affinity. Come along for a day chasing snapper up and down the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula and the nearby islands.

Affinity's large, multi-hull cockpit and open rear deck provides an incredibly spacious fishing experience. We’ve got a handle on all the hottest fishing spots around the Coromandel Peninsula and know the best places to be fishing on any given day.

Our crew will take care of all the hard work. We provide all the gear you'll need to give you the thrill of the catch. We can arrange catering for the day so you are kept energised and ready for action, whenever it strikes.

If game fishing is your thing, even your long-held dream, Affinity is the place to start. There’s nothing more exciting and challenging than hooking up a marlin, mahi mahi, tuna, or even broadbill swordfish. Our crew can help you achieve your big game goal all around the Coromandel Peninsula and beyond.

Affinity is incredibly well set up for game fishing. We have amazing lures, large live bait tank and massive rear deck with plenty of space for when the action gets hot. There’s an incredible amount of space on board with the latest fish finding equipment. We will also be certain to photograph and video your big game catch so you can brag to your friends and become a social media hero.

Perhaps you're after Kingfish. We can help here too!

Our crew know all the best Coromandel Peninsula locations. We use a range of both traditional and modern fishing techniques to consistently catch big Kingfish. Depending on your preferences and what’s hot, we might be mechanical jigging, stick baiting, live baiting, or slow trolling. Whatever it’ll take to catch your trophy fish, we're prepared to give it a go.

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