Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you have these questions too

1How many guests can I bring?
Affinity is currently surveyed for 7 passengers and 2 crew. So, there is plenty of room to thoroughly enjoy the day.
2Do we have to bring our own fishing gear?
No. All high-end rods, reels and tackle are provided for your enjoyment and action. If you would like, you can being your own gear, perhaps your lucky rod just has to be part of the action.
3What is the preferred footwear while on board?
While on the boat, we would prefer you to be in bare feet. You shoes can be safely stored on the boat.
4How long before departure do I need to be at the berth?
30 minutes before departure ... simple really
5Do you provide catering on Affinity?
We sure can. We can discuss your needs for the trip at any point before the day. We can also give you some options as well. If you wish, you can bring your own food and beverages. We have plenty of space to keep everything cold and stored properly.
6Where do I board Affinity?
Affinity will be waiting at the fuel berth at the Tairua Marina, just behind Dutchy's Dive Shop. You can't miss it.
7What if I want to bring my fish home?
All you need to do is bring your own chilly bin. We will get it stored at the Marina.